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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Call For Papers: DOJ Workshop on Airline Competition

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

In October 2008, the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice will host a one-day workshop on recent developments in airline antitrust and competition research to mark the 30-year anniversary of airline deregulation in the United States.      

Call for Papers             

Areas of interest: The Antitrust Division invites the submission of working papers focused on airline or airport-related issues. Particular areas of interest include:      

  • Airport capacity constraints, particularly the appropriate use of congestion pricing, the allocation of slots, or the effects of airport constraints on competition.
  • Antitrust market definition issues in the airline industry, particularly issues of competition between nonstop and connecting service, and choice of airport.
  • Models of competition, including issues of market power in the airline industry, domestic alliances, choices of network structure, and the effects of low-fare carriers.
  • Studies of entry and exit.
  • International competition, including the effects of Open Skies Treaties, foreign ownership rules, international code sharing, and antitrust immunities.
  • Safety issues with respect to competition or the practices of discount airlines.      

The Antitrust Division will select papers for presentation at the workshop. The papers selected for presentation will be available on this Web site.      

Expenses: As appropriate, the Antitrust Division will pay reasonable lodging and travel expenses for those invited to present papers at the workshop.      

Deadline: The submission deadline for papers is June 30, 2008.             

Submission guidelines: Papers must be submitted by e-mail to Submissions must be one PDF file only, with a maximum size of 4MB. Submissions should include an abstract of the paper of no more than 150 words.      

Privacy and confidentiality of submissions: While DOJ makes certain efforts, in its discretion, to remove home contact and other personally identifying information for individuals from the submissions selected to appear on this Web site, persons making submissions are responsible for ensuring that these do not contain any information that they are unwilling to have disclosed to the public. Information submitted in connection with this workshop will not be maintained as confidential by the Department of Justice.      

Contact: For more information, contact the workshop organizers by e-mail (

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