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Monday, March 3, 2008

DOJ Antitrust Division Economic Analysis Group Spring Lecture Series

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

March 11
(Tues 2-3:30pm)
Fan Zhang
Dynamic Contract Breach

March 18
(Tues 2-3:30pm)
Michal Gal
Haifa and Georgetown
Competition Law in Small Economies

April 1
(Tues 2-3:30pm)
Julie Mortimer
The Effects of Full-Line Forcing Contracts (with Justin Ho and Kate Ho)

April 8
(Tues 2-3:30pm)
Chad Syverson
Vertical Integration and Production: Some Plant-Level Evidence (with Ali Hortaçsu)

April 16
(Wed 2-3:30pm)
Joe Farrell
UC Berkeley
How, and Whether, to Define a Market (with Carl Shapiro)
[Note this is a Wednesday.]

April 30
(Wed 2-3:30pm)
Phillip Leslie
Nearly Optimal Pricing for Multiproduct Firms (with Chenghuan Sean Chu and Alan Sorensen) [Note this is a Wednesday.]

May 6
(Tues 2-3:30pm)
F. Andrew Hanssen
EAG and Montana State
Vertical Integration During the Hollywood Studio Era: A Transaction Costs Explanation

May 14
(Wed 2-3:30pm)
Frank Wolak
To be determined
[Note this is a Wednesday.]

May 20
(Tues 2-3:30pm)
Nisvan Erkal
Scarcity of Ideas and Options to Invest in R&D (with Suzanne Scotchmer)

June 3
(Tues 2-3:30pm)
Michael Whinston
Sequential Merger Review (with Volker Nocke)

Early seminars take place in the Bicentennial Building at 600 E Street NW.
Later seminars will take place in the Liberty Square Building at 450 5th Street NW.
For further information, contact Patrick Greenlee at 202-307-3745 or

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