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Monday, August 6, 2007

Competition Policy at the Canadian Law and Economics Association Annual Meeting

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Next month both Shubha and I are off to the University of Toronto Faculty of Law for the annual meeting of the Canadian Law and Economics Association.  There will be three sessions on competition policy and a keynote address by competition policy expert Michael Trebilcock.

Competition Law and Policy I
Elina Cruz and Sebastian Zarate, Single European Telecommunications Market From A Competition Policy and Regulatory Perspective.  Analysis of the British and Spanish Cases

Daniel Sokol, Why is this Chapter Different From All the Others? An Examination of Why Countries Enter Into Non-enforceable Competition Policy Chapters in Free Trade Agreements

Competition Law and Policy II
Daniel Sokol and Kyle Stiegert, Long Term Advisers and Capacity Building in Competition Policy

Volkan Cetinkaya, Minimum Advertised Price and Resale Price Maintenance

Michal S. Gal, Below-Cost Price Alignment: Meeting or Beating Competition

Competition Law and Policy III
Doug West and Andrew Eckert, Exclusive Dealing in On-Premise Sales of Beer in Edmonton

Filomena Chirico, Ilse van der Haar, Pierre Larouche, Net Neutrality and European Law

Hamid Fazeman, Rules of Privatization and Globalization in Iran

August 7 Update

One additional panel will have an antitrust paper at the CLEA meeting.  Mark D. Bauer of Stetson University College of Law will be presenting in the session "Additional Topics I" on Macy's 2005 acquisition of May Department Stores.

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