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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Competitive Implications of Generic Biologics

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol

Harbour_oval_146x183 FTC Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour recently delivered a speech on The Competitive Implications of Generic Biologics at the recent ABA Antitrust-IP conference in California.   In her speech, Jones Harbour outlines two important reasons why we should care about this issue:

First, I want to ensure that the dialogue on generic biologics includes a principled and
rigorous analysis of competition dynamics, especially from the perspective of consumers. I will sketch out a framework of key questions that should be considered. Even if you do not practice in the biotech sector, these big-picture questions are fascinating – especially because, ultimately, we and our loved ones will be affected as consumers of these drugs.

Second, I want to ensure that the Federal Trade Commission is an integral part of the dialogue on generic biologics. For years, the Commission has been intimately involved in shaping competition law and policy relating to generic drugs. The FTC’s expertise is unique and valuable. It should be tapped further, as generic biologics move to center stage in the drama of American healthcare.

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