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Thursday, August 3, 2006

More on the Wright Amendment Controversy

This article from the Friday, July 28, issue of the Dallas Morning News reports on futher developments on the Wright Amendment controversy as Congress is poised to pass legislation codifying the controversial agreement among Love, DFW, the Cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines.

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FTC Unanimously Finds Rambus Monopolized

Unanimously reversing the ALJ's 2004 decision in favor of Rambus,  the FTC determined that Rambus, the California chip company,  monopolized the market for four computer memory technologies in participating in the JEDEC standard setting process in the 1990's without disclosing its patent position.   I tried to upload the Commission's opinion and order, but they were to big.  Instead, here is a link to the site with the orders.   The FTC's decision that Rambus acted in an unfair and deceptive maner by not withholding its patent stake in the JEDEC standard contrasts with the Federal Circuit's decision in 2003 in favor of Rambus in a patent infringement suit against Infeon.

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