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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Antitrust Cases on the 06-07 Supreme Court Docket

The Supreme Court denied cert in the much-watched Schering-Plough case, leaving the question of the antitrust treatment of reverse payments in patent litigation settlements to be decided, I guess, in the pages of law reviews or perhaps over drinks after a spirited Antitrust conference. 

The Court did grant cert in a case involving the sufficiency of evidence to plead antitrust conspiracy (Bell Atlantic v. Twombly) and in a case involving predatory bidding (Weyerhauser v. Ross-Simmons). The respective appellate court opinions can be downloaded below.

Second Circuit opinion in Bell Atlantic:  Download BellAtlantic.pdf

Ninth Circuit opinion in Weyerhauser:   Download Ross-Simmons.pdf

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