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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

FTC Seeks Rehearing in 11th Circuit's Schering-Plough Decision

The Patent Law Blog reports on the FTC's motion for rehearing with links to the documents.

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$65 Million Settlement in Paxil lawsuit


"A federal judge has granted final approval to SmithKline Beecham's $65 million settlement of a class action antitrust suit brought by consumers who said they paid inflated prices for Paxil, a popular anti-depressant drug.

"The suit alleged that SmithKline illegally maintained a monopoly by filing a series of "sham" patent lawsuits that were designed to delay any generic version of the drug from reaching the market."

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More on Rambus suit against competitors

Latest report on court's refusal to dismiss lawsuit brought by Rambus alleging collusion between rivals Hynix and Micron.

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Microsoft-EU Fail to Reach Accord

Latest news is that talks between EU antitrust enforcers and Steve Ballmer have failed to result in an agreement.  EU enforcers are not convinced that a version of Windows without Mediaplayer meets technical standards. 

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Monday, April 25, 2005

CVS Settles Antitrust Case

CVS settles an antitrust suit brought by the DC government challenging its purchase and closing of a local pharmacy as a monopolistic practice.  The settlement of $ 475,000 "will be divided between the District's antitrust enforcement fund, which will receive $125,000, and a charity to be designated by the attorney general, which will receive $350,000 to help low-income D.C. residents purchase prescription drugs."

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Rambus' Press Release in Antitrust and Patent cases

A press release from Rambus reports that its antitrust suit against several DRAM manufacturers is progressing to discovery and that its patent suits against Micron and Hynix have survived motions to dismiss.

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