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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Steroids and Antitrust Exemption

Senator Jim Bunning, a Kentucky Republican and baseball Hall of Famer, suggested that if Major League Baseball ignores the problems of steroid use among players, Congress may re-examine the antitrust exemption for major leage baseball.  Senator Bunning expressed deep concern that MLB was brushing off the Congressional investigation into the use of steroids by athletes and called the penalty system enacted by the league "the most pathetic thing I have ever seen compared to the other major league sports."

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Microsoft Avoids Probe by EU of Time-Warner deal

EU Competition Commission ruled that it lacked jurisdiction to probe into a proposed deal among Microsoft, Time-Warner, and Thomson having to do with the valuable patents to anti-piracy and security software.  The Commission has no authority to investigate mergers among three co-equal partners.  Link here.

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