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Monday, March 24, 2014

Indiana Health Law Review: Neuroscience and Law Symposium

The Hall Center for Law and Health and the Indiana Health Law Review are co-hosting a one-day symposium on March 28 titled, "Neuroscience and Law: Injury, Capacity and Illness."  The symposium will be held at Wynne Courtroom and Atrium,Inlow Hall on the law school campus in Indianapolis.  Topics include "Neuroscience 2.0 and Tort Law," "Child Contact Sports and Concussion," "Neuroscience and Mental Health Law," "Adolescence, Aging and Capacity," and "Predictive Testing, Decision Making and Ethics." 

Acknowledgment:  Sheila B. Scheuerman (Charleston) originally posted this item at TortsProf Blog.

Craig Estlinbaum

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