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Friday, January 3, 2014

State Comptroller is required to correct any errors affecting a retiree's benefits upon the discovery of the error

2013 NY Slip Op 07238, Appellate Division, Third Department
A police officer [Officer] submitted an application for disability retirement benefits. While his application was pending, Officer’s employer filed disciplinary charges against him and, on November 19, 2007, he was terminated by the employer.
Officer’s application for disability retirement benefits was approved on August 12, 2008 and his effective retirement date was set as November 17, 2007, the date of Officer's last day on the employer’s payroll as reported by the employer.
However, after receiving additional information from the employer indicating that Officer had, in fact, remained on the employer’s payroll through November 19, 2007, the Retirement System adjusted Officer’s retirement date to November 20, 2007. 
Following an unsuccessful administrative appeal seeking to reinstate November 17, 2007 as the effective date of his retirement for disability, Officer filed an Article 78 petition seeking a court order vacating the Comptroller’s determination.
The Appellate Division affirmed the administrative determination noting that Comptroller “is vested with the exclusive authority to determine applications for retirement benefits and such determination, if supported by substantial evidence, must be upheld.”  Citing 2 NYCRR 309.6, the court said that the effective date of a member's disability retirement is either [1] "on the date of filing of such disability retirement application" or [2] "on the day after the last date on which the member receives salary, whichever is later."
As the Comptroller is required to correct any changes or errors affecting a retiree's benefits upon discovery thereof, notwithstanding Officer's claim that his effective retirement date was changed as a result of actions taken by the employer in retaliation for a civil rights claim that he had asserted against it, the Appellate Division held that the Comptroller is entitled to rely upon the payroll information provided by the employer.
As the record reflected Officer's termination date from the payroll as November 19, 2007, the Comptroller’s determination was held to be supported by substantial evidence and Appellate Division said that it found no basis to disturb it.
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