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Friday, October 18, 2013

New In Print: Law Review Review

Cornell Law Review's September 2013, issue inludes a Law, Innovation and Entrepreneurship symposium with articles by Brian Broughman (Indiana) & Jesse M. Fried (Harvard), John F. Duffy (Virginia), Michael Klausner (Stanford) & Stephen Venuto, Oscar Liivak (Cornell) & Eduardo M. PeƱalver (Chicago), Kate Litvak (Northwestern), D. Gordon Smith (Brigham Young) & Darian M. Ibrahim (Wisconsin), and Robert B. Thompson (Georgetown) & Donald C. Langevoort (Georgetown).  The issue is Volume 98, Number 6, with the articles accessible via this current issue link.

The Summer 2013 DePaul Law Journal includes "A Tale of Two Ginsburgs: Traditional Contours in Eldred  and Golan," by Elizabeth Townsend Gard (Tulane); and "Religious Tolerance in Contemporary America," by David E. Campbell (Notre Dame, Politicial Science).

The University of Illinois Law Review, Volume 103, Number 4 includes "Parent Civil Unions: Rethinking the Nature of Family" by Michele Goodwin (Minnesota) & Naomi Duke (Minnesota, Pediatrics); "The New Public Domain," Joseph P. Liu (Boston College); Disentangling Conscience and Religion; by Nathan S. Chapman (Georgia); and Transparent Predictions" by Tal Z. Zarsky (NYU).

American University Law Review's Volume 62, Number 6 includes "Inequitable Conduct in Retrospective: Understanding Unclean Hands in Patent Remedies," by T. Leigh Anennson & Gideon Mark; "Rebalancing Public and Private in the Law of Mortgage Transfer," by John Patrick Hunt, Richard Stanton, & Nancy Wallace; and "It Wasn't an Accident: The Tribal Sovereign Immunity Story," by William Wood.

The Summer 2013, Arizona State Law Review includes "The Future of Clean Elections," by David Gartner (Arizona State); "Foreclosure Mediation in Arizona," by Art Hinshaw (Arizona State) & Timothy Burr; "Arizona's Win-Win Short-Term Credit Solution: Assisting Arizona's Unbanked and Underbanked While Supportin Tribal Self-Determination," by Robert Rosette & Saba Bazzazieh; and "The Short History of Arizona Legal Ethics," by Keith Swisher (Phoenix).

The University of Baltimore Law Review's Winter 2013, issue includes the papers and addresses from Applied Feminism and Democracy: The Fifth Annual Feminist Legal Theory Conference, with a keynote address by Senator Barbara Mikulski and papers by Alizabeth Newman (CUNY), Janel A. George and Rachel A. Van Cleave (Golden Gate).

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