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Friday, October 11, 2013

New In Print: The Law Review Review

The October 2013 California Law Review includes "Appellate Review of Social Facts in Constitutional Rights Cases," by Caitlin E. Borgmann (CUNY); "Sticky Slopes," by David Schraub; and "Intellectual Property Doctrine and Mid-Level Principles," by David H. Blankfein-Tabachnick (Penn State, visiting), with a reply by Robert P. Merges (Cal-Berkeley).

The August 2013 Hastings Law Journal includes Symposium: From Bench to Society: Law and Ethics at the Frontier of Genomic Technology.  From the introductory essay by Jamie S. King (Hastings), the symposium's purpose was to, "examin[e] the vast potential implications (both good and bad) of the next wave of major advances in genetic andgenomic testing for patients, providers, their families, the practice of medicine, and society as a whole."

Volume V, Number 1, Elon Law Review has the symposium, "A Radical Notion of Democracy: Law, Race, and Albion Tourgee, 1865-1905."  Contributions include an introduction by Sally Green,  "Reflections on Albion Tourgee's 1896 View of the Supreme Court: A "Consistent Enemy of Personal Liberty and Equal Rights," by Michael Kent Curtis (Wake Forest); "The Past as Prologue: Albion Tourgee and the North Carolina Constitution," by Judge Robert N. Hunter, Jr.; "The National Citizen's Rights Association: Precursor of the NAACP," by Carolyn L. Karcher (Temple, Liberal Arts); "The Legitimacy of Law in Literature: The Case of Albion W. Tourgee," by Brook Thomas; and "Adaline and the Judge: An Ex-Slave Girl's Journey With Albion W. Tourgee," by Naurice Frank Woods, Jr (UNC-Greensboro, African-American Studies).   Touree was a Greensboro former, lawyer, judge, and novelist best known perhaps for representing Homer Plessey before the United States Supreme Court in Plessey v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896).  See also here and here.

Volume 101, Number 4, Kentucky Law Review includes, "Stepping Into the Gap: Violent Crime Victims and the Right to Closure; and a Discursive Shift Away From the Zero Sum Resolutions," by Blanche Bong Cook; "White Collar Overcriminalization: Deterrence, Plea Bargaining, and the Loss of Innocence," by Lucian E. Dervan (Southern Illinois); "He Said, She Said, Let's Hear What the Data Say: Sexual Harassment in the Media, Courts, EEOC and Social Science," by Joni Hersch and Beverly Moran; and "Justice Holmes's Bad Man and the Depleted Purposes of Punitive Damages," by Jill Wieber Lens.

The Spring 2013 New England Law Review has its Symposium: Crisis in the Judiciary.  There are links to the articles at the link.  This symposium's primary focus is upon the challenges the judiciary faces by restrained budgets at the federal and state levels.

The August 2013 UCLA Law Revew has Symposium: Twenty-First Century Litigation: Pathologies and Possibilities

Volume XVIII, Number 3, Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financal Law, includes articles by Dr. Markus Roth, Hilary J. Allen (Loyola NO), Benjamin D. Landry, Paul Rose (Ohio State) and Justin Schwartz

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