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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New In Print: Law Review Review

The Washington University Law Review, Volume 90, Number 4, contains "Deconstructing Deem and Pass: A Constitutional Analysis of the Enactment of Bills by Implication," by Ronald Krotoszynski (Alabama); "Police Misconduct as a Cause of Wrongful Convictions," by Russell Covey (Georgia State); and "Shame in the Security Council," by Saira Mohamed (Cal-Berkeley).

The Harvard Journal of Law & Technology's Spring 2013 issue includes "Standards of Proof in Civil Litigation: An Experiment from Patent Law," by David L. Schwartz (Chicago-Kent) & Christopher B. Seaman (Washington & Lee); "Trademarks as Search Engine Keywords: Much Ado About Something," by David J. Franklyn (San Francisco) & David A. Hyman (Illinois); and "Patent Privateers: Private Enforcement's Historical Survivors," by John M. Golden (Texas).

The Summer 2013 Georgia Law Review has "A Reliance Approach to Precedent," by Hillel Y. Levin (Georgia); "Jurisdiction Sequencing," by Alan M. Trammell (Brooklyn); "State Power to Define Jurisdiction," by Samuel P. Jordan (St. Louis) and Christopher K. Bader; and "Interagency Litigation and Article III," by Joseph W. Mead.

Cleveland State Law Review, Volume 61, Number 2, features an entry in the longest law review title of 2013 contest, "Interpreting Precise Constitutional Text: An Argument for a New Interpretation of the Incompatibility Clause, the Removal & Disqualification Clause and the Religious Clause Test - A Response to Professor Josh Chafetz's Impeachment & Assassination," by Seth Barrett Tillman (National Univ. Ireland - Maynooth).  Other contributions include, "Cyber Bullying and Free Speech:  Striking an Age-Appropriate Balance," by Raul R. Calvoz, Bradley W. Davis, and Mark A. Gooden (Texas, Education); "Plaintiff Control and Dominaiton in Multidistrict Mass Torts," by S. Todd Brown (Buffalo); "Buying and Electorate: An Empirical Study of the Current Campaign Finance Landscape and How the Supreme Court Erred in Not Revisiting Citizen United, by William Alan Nelson, II (George Washington); and "Legal Malpractice in a Changing Profession: The Role of Contract Principals," by Vincent R. Johnson (St. Mary's).

The Charleston Law Review's Summer 2013 edition includes articles from its 5th Annual Law & Society Symposium, "Thirty Years with the Endorsement Test," with contributions by Carl M. Esbeck (Missouri), Edward M. Gaffney, Jr. (Valapraiso), Patrick M. Garry (South Dakota), William M. Janssen (Charleston), and Andrew Koppelman (Northwestern).  United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (Retired) delivered the keynote addres at the symposium.

The Winter 2013 University of Dayton Law Review has "Comparison of United States AIA First-Inventor-To-File With Chinese First-To-File," by Jing Wang, Weidong Liu, Lei Zhang, Lei Han, Ningling Wang, Stacy Lewis, Christina N. Gervasi and Tim Irving.

The Spring 2013 Southern University Law Review includes "The SCI Investigation of the Iraq War: Part II: Politicization of Intelligence," by Robert Bejesky; "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Place a Bet or Wait on a Dream," by Michael Jeb Richard; and eight other articles on varied topics.

The Ocean and Coastal Law Review (Maine), Volume 18, Number 1, contains "Limited Solution to a Dangerous Problem: The Future of the Oil Pollution Act," by Garry A. Gabrison; "It's All Mine, Stay Off, and Let Me Do What I Please:  An Abyss Between the Rights and Desires of Coastal Property Owners and Public Privileges and Protections?," by Colin H. Roberts; and "Trading the Oceans: The Brave "New" World of Seafood Revolution Contracts," by Nicholas Boston.

The Columbia Business Law Review's Volume 2013, Number 2, includes papers from the symposium, "The Past, Present and Future of Insider Trading Law: A 50th Anniversary Re-Examination of Cady Roberts and the Revolution it Began," with contributions by John C. Coffee, Jr. (Columbia), Joel Seligman, Stephen J. Crimmins, Edward Greene & Olivia Schmid and Donald C. Langevoort (Georgetown).

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