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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer Law Review Review

Several law reviews did some catching up with summer releases.  Here are a few:

The SMU Law Review's Winter 2013 volume includes articles by Antonio Gidi on opt-out class members, Janet Freilich on patent law, John Kip Cornwell on Sexting, Christina Mulligan on freedom of the press, Jessica M. Eaglin on "Against Neorehabilitation," Ester K. Hong on the Confrontation Clause in post-conviction proceedings and Anhana Malhotra on "The Immigrant and Miranda."

The Summer 2013 Texas Tech Law Review includes, "Are Twombly & Iqbal Affecting Where Plaintiffs File?   A Study Comparing Removal Rates by State," by Jill Curry and Matthew Ward, "Oil and Gas Leases and Pooling: A Look Back and a Peek Ahead," by Bruce M. Kramer, "Viewing the 'Same Case or Controversy' of Supplemental Jurisdiction Through the Lens of the 'Common Nucleus of Operative Fact' of Pendent Jurisdiction," by Douglas D. McFarland, and "The Age of Allocation: The End of Pooling As We Know It," by Clifton B. Squibb.

Villanova Law Review, Volume 58, Number 4, includes the Norman J. Shachoy Symposium, "Assessing the CISG and Other International Endeavors to Unify International Contract Law:  Has the Time Come for a New Global Initiative to Harmonize and Unify International Trade?"

The most recent Harvard Environmental Law Review, Vol. 37, No. 2, includes the lead article, "Administrative Proxies for Judicial Review: Building Legitimacy from the Inside Out," by Emily Hammond and David L. Markell, and other articles by Alex L. Wang, Margot J. Pollans, Linda Breggin & D. Bruce Meyers, Jr., and Brendan C. Selby.  Links to the articles are available at the link.

The Indiana Health Law Review includes papers from the AALS Symposium "Imagining the Next Quarter Century of Health Care Law" with contributions by Gaia Bernstein (article link), Kristin Madison, Barbara J. Evans, Peter J. Hammer and Efthimios Parasidis.

The Spring 2013 Florida Coastal Law Review includes "Drafting Effective Noncompete Clauses and Other Restrictive Covenants: Considerations Across the United States," by Kyle B. Sill.

Volume 47, No. 3, New England Law Review includes the symposium, "Crisis in the Judiciary," with articles a Forward by Stewart D. Aaron and contributions byDaniel J. Hall & Lee Suskin, Dr. Roger E. Hartley, Donald Campbell, Marie D. Natoli, and Martha F. Davis.

The Summer 2013 George Mason Law Review includes the 16th Annual Antitrust Symposiumwith remarks by Jeffrey Rosen and articles by Frank Pasquale, Catherine Tucker, Adam Thierer, Allen P Grunes, and James C. Cooper. Links to the articles are available at the link

The Spring 2013 Harvard Journal of Law & Technology includes Standards of Proof in Civil Litigation: An Experiment from Patent Law by David L. Schwartz & Christopher B. Seaman, Trademarks as Search Engine Keywords: Much Ado About Something? by David J. Franklyn & David A. Hyman and Patent Privateers: Private Enforcement's Historical Survivors by John M. Golden.

The Summer 2013 Tennessee Law Review includes the symposium, "TVA v. Hill: The Greatest Little Story Never Told" with contributions by Becky L. Jacobs (Forward), Dr. David A. Etnier (Introduction), Zygmunt J. B. Plater, Patrick A. Parenteau, and Henry S. Mattice, Jr., and a panel discussion transcript.

The Washington University Journal of Law & Policy, Volume 42, includes the symposium, "Privilege Revealed: Past, Present and Future" with contributions by Stephanie M. Wildman, Arthur F. McEnvoy, Bela August Walker, Lisa C. Ikemoto, Meera E. Deo, Danielle Kie Hart, and Barbara J. Flagg.

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