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Friday, June 7, 2013

New In Print: Law Review Reviews

The May 2013, Iowa Law Review includes xclusivity Without Patents: The New Frontier of FDA Regulation for Genetic Materials by Gregory Dolan, M.D., Marriage, Biology, and Federal Benefits
by Courtney G. Joslin, Fee Effects by Kathryn Judge, and Insuring Against a Derivative Disaster: The Case for Decentralized Risk Management, by Jeffrey Manns.

The May 2013, University of Pennsylvania Law Review includes articles from the October 2012, symposium, "The Evolving Internet," with articles by Stuart Minor Benjamin (Duke), Tim Wu (Columbia), Dan L. Burk (UC-Irvine), Justin "Gus" Hurwitz (Penn), Paul M. Schwartz (UC-Berkeley), Howard A. Shelanski (FTC, Georgetown), and Christopher S. Yoo (Penn).

There have been other symposium editions released in recent weeks:

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