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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Book Review Highlight, Randall and Randall, The Discipline Book (2013 Edition)

The Randalls have just updated their treatise entitled. I have reviewed previous editions of this work and it is now bigger and better than ever.  It now spans 2127 pages and it covers just about everything; and I mean everything. The authors describe their book as "a handbook for administrators, union officials and attorneys involved in disciplinary actions taken against public officers and employees. . ." 

What is particularly valuable about this book is that it concentrates on recent case law. Hundreds of recent cases as well as hundreds of the leading cases and discussed. The book provides practical advice and information in an easy to understand format. Quite simply, there is no other book which you could purchase involving New York law which provides timely, practical and exhaustive analysis of discipline, constitutional issues involving discipline such as the First Amendment, evidentary issues, procedural issues, collective bargaining issues, and union issues. 

Any administrator, employer, union, or attorney who is involved in public sector labor management relations in New York will want to purchase at least one copy. As in earlier editions, the book is published as an e-book which makes searching via MS Word easy and fast. 

The book can be purchased for $295 and it is worth every penny. For additional information and well as purchase information can be found here

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