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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book Review Highlight-Randall, A Reasonable Disciplinary Penalty Under the Circumstances

Harvey Randall has published another excellent book that all, and I mean all, lawyers, management representatives and union advocates who practice New York public sector labor and employment law will want to purchase here

The book spans over 600 pages and focuses on the setting of an appropriate disciplinary penalty in instances where an employee has been found guilty of misconduct or incompetence. Examples of the offenses considered in this e-book runs from [Abandoning a post without authorization] to Z [Zero drug tolerance policy violation]. The Pell Shocking the Conscience standard is reviewed as well as hundreds of decisions under Civil Service Law Section 75, Education Law Section 3020-a and labor arbitration.

Because the book is an e-book, like Mr. Randall's previous books, it can be be downloaded to your computer and then searched as a MS Word document.

Labor management officials and attorneys will want this book because it is well researched and organized and simply a time saver. Quite frankly, there is no other book like this which discussed New York law in a complete and comprehensive fashion.

MItchell H. Rubinstein

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