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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Book Review Highlight Elkouri and Elkouri How Arbitration Works (2012)

One of the classics, Elkouri and Elkouri has been updated. The 7th edition is edited by Kenneth May and is available for $325, here. Just about anyone who is an abitrator or appears before a labor arbitrator has read this book and has a copy. This edition is new and improved and is a must have. BNA's web site describes this book as follows:

The new Seventh Edition provides additional analysis that enhances the usefulness of the volume and incorporates major points of interest to labor relations practitioners. In-depth coverage of critical topics includes:
  • Arbitrators' consideration of external law in labor arbitration
  • Legislation and litigation developing standards for evidentiary privilege as it relates to union shop stewards
  • Arbitrators' views on threats and violence
  • Reconsideration of the continued viability of the plain meaning rule
  • New case law on the unauthorized practice of law as it relates to labor arbitration
  • Revision of the discussion of state and local government arbitration and interest arbitration in light of recent changes in state law


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