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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some School Districts To Begin Offering Online Classes

Online education is here to stay. Now, there are some K-12 districts that are considering online classes. A NY Times article about this is available here

I am not a big fan on online education on the college, law school or secondary level. An important part of education is learning to interact with peers, professors and others. It is also just too easy to take short cuts with an online class as the student may be watching TV instead of the screen. 

Online education also raises a host of labor law and other issues. Does anyone have an opinion about this.

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My attitudes about education have changed a great deal since I moved to Wyoming 7 years ago with two young children. The quality of the public schools in my area is not very good so I found myself sending them to a public charter school - unthinkable for an old lefty like me. I even chaired the board of directors there. The bottom line is this -- they are getting a fine education. So in all of this brave new world I think the only answer to such questions can be, "it depends." It is conceivable to me that a very good online experience could be more valuable than a very bad in-class experience, regardless the level of education. It seems to me that one would have to know a lot about the ultimate educational outcomes from various vehicles. One thing is for sure -- there are an awful lot of students who emerge from educational experiences without having learned. I recently read the book "Academically Adrift" which nicely chronicles the failure of our universities to teach critical thinking at the undergraduate level. I think the deficiencies of underperforming students had been locked in much earlier for the college students who were the subjects of the study. But as long as there are such deficiencies we are going to be constantly experimenting -- for better or worse -- with new approaches to the problem.

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