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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Walk Outs At Walmart

Reportedly, there have some been some walkouts at Walmart over working conditions. Though the devil is in the details, my students all know that if the walk out is over working conditions and if the employees are not being disloyal, there actions very well might be protected under Section 7 of the NLRA, notwithstanding the fact that Walmart is largely unorganized. Section 7 does not only apply to unionized employers.

Mitchell H. Rubinstein

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Good for these workers exercising their rights. When employers now have the unmitigated gall to order their employees how to vote, under ultimatum for their jobs, or when Cablevision CEO James "Fredo" Dolan threatened employees with docked PTO for missing days, even while New York mass transit was inoperable, it's nice to see some workers put a rock in their slingshot.

Posted by: Sujan Vasavada | Nov 5, 2012 7:44:19 PM

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