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Monday, November 26, 2012

Novel to Help Jailhouse Lawyers

Interestingly, Terri LeClerq recently wrote a graphic novel to help prisioners. Here is how she describes this important project:

Maybe you wonder why inmates need help learning to write complaints (grievances).  With an average reading level of 5th grade and lots of misinformation, inmates rarely write a grievance that succeeds.  They need our help.

I've written college texts, legal writing columns, and a prison-conditions blog.  Review me at  and  I've spent 10 years creating this graphic novel

  • to help the 1 in 100 Americans in our prison system,
  • to help the courts receive credible writs, and
  • to help taxpayers avoid paying for time-consuming, frivolous, or erroneous filings.

Multitudes of prison officials and staff, court personnel, defense and plaintiff attorneys, reading specialists, and academics have reviewed the manuscript.  A professional artist and professional letterer (yep!) worked to make each page both entertaining and educational.  The formerly incarcerated who have reviewed it are ready to send a graphic novel back to their old roomies.

Additional information can about this project can be found here

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