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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does Every Law Review Article Find a Home?

Shima Baradaran (BYU), posting at PrawfsBlawg, writes this morning about law review submission information for a 3-week period in August at Brigham Young Law Review.

According to her report, BYULR received 576 law review articles during this period.  Professor Baradan does not reveal how many were accepted, but we might safely (though not conclusively) assume the number is in the single digits.  My question is -- where do the rest go?   Does every law review article submitted ultimately find a home?  Do some writers choose to not publish when the alternative is to publish with a law review deemed to pedestrian (e.g., non-Top Fifty; non-Top 100)? s Is there an Island of the Misfit Law Review Articles out there somewhere?

Just thinking out loud.

Craig Estlinbaum

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