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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

School Board Members Face Jail For Contempt

This is a first. An Iowa state court judge has reportedly found a school board in contempt and will order the members jailed if they do not comply with a court order which mandated the reinstatement of a principal. Rouse v. Durant School District, In his written ruling,

The court stated:given that β€œ[g]iven the actions of the school board members, the Court finds that they should be individually fined the sum of $500 and shall serve 30 days in the Cedar County Jail.” Judge Smith said, however, that school board members could avoid the contempt ruling by giving Rouse β€œall of her duties, privileges, authority and rights that she enjoyed prior to her termination as principal of Durant High School.” It is not clear how much time the board has to comply.

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