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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bring Your Dog To Work

CNN ran an interesting story on July 23, 2012 about some employers who allow employees to bring their dogs to work, here. It discusses a survey by a managemet professor that concluded as follows:

                A sample of 76 employees were studied -- some brought their dogs to work, some didn't, and                 some didn't own dogs. The study found that while everyone started the day with low baseline                 levels of the stress hormone cortisol, those who didn't bring their dogs to work reported                 drastically higher levels of stress by the end of the working day.

                Those who had their dogs with them had low levels of stress throughout the day, and about half                 of that group felt that dogs were important to their productivity. Of the two groups without                 dogs, 80% felt that the dogs in the workplace had no negative effect on productivity.

As a dog lover, I think this is wonderful. When I was in college, students often brought their dogs to class and their were no major problems. Of course if someone has an allergy or if the dog bites someone, a problems can develop.

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