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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ever Wonder How Many People Have Undergrad and Grad Degrees?

U.S. Bachelor Degree Rate Passes Milestone is an interesting Feb. 23, 2012 New York Times article. It reports on statistics complied by the U.S. Census which shows the following:

As of last March, 30.4 percent of people over age 25 in the United States held at least a bachelor’s degree, and 10.9 percent held a graduate degree, up from 26.2 percent and 8.7 percent 10 years earlier.

For many years, colleges have enrolled and graduated more women than men, and a historic male advantage in higher education has nearly been erased. In 2001, men held a 3.9 percentage-point lead in bachelor’s degrees and 2.6 percentage points in graduate degrees; by last year, both gaps were down to 0.7 percent.

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