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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Most Educated People On The Planet

Online Degrees, a commercial site, complied a list of the 10 Most Educated People On The Planet. Who is number one? Mr. Michael Nicholson. His background is described as follows:

Michael Nicholson has been racking up college degrees since 1963 and doesn’t have any plans to slow down soon. The 67-year-old has taken full advantage the tuition discounts he and his wife get by working at Western Michigan University. Over his lifetime, Nicholson has amassed 27 different degrees, including two associate’s degrees, 19 master’s degrees, three specialist degrees, and one PhD. Nicholson doesn’t pursue degrees for work, he just loves to learn and likes being able to take advantage of courses that help him learn about a wide range of subjects. His wife has also taken up the college hobby, earning seven degrees of her own. Nicholson is currently working on two more master’s degrees and plans to keep going as long as he can.

Talk about being a career student!

Mitchell H. Rubinstein

Hat Tip: Jasmine Hall

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I do not think the ten people were graded just identified.My own reading is that Ashoka Jahnavi Prasad scores well over the others!Besides being a medical doctor google reveals he holds 4 PhD's in diverse subjects from Oxford,Cambridge,Fribourg and Chapel Hill,2 DSc's from St.Andrews and Manchester and among others Bar at Law from Lincoln's Inn,LL M from Harvard,MBA from Massachusetts and MS in Genetic Counseling!!Truly phenomenal!

Posted by: Shridhar Sharma | Dec 9, 2011 12:39:23 AM

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