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Monday, July 18, 2011

Survey For Adjunct Profs

 Professor Greg Duhl was just named Director of Adjunct Faculty at the William Mitchell College of Law. He has asked me to ask my fellow adjuncts what kind of support, training, and recongition they would like to receive from their law schools. Please post your thoughts in the comment section of this blog. Post only once as posts have to be approved before they are published. I will start:


I have been an adjunct for seven years at two major law schools. My biggest complaint (aside from the terrible pay) is that I do not feel that I am part of the faculty. I teach at night and am an outsider. It would be nice to be included on faculty emails and correspondence and to solicit my input on issues. Though it would be difficult to attend faculty and scholarship meetings, it would be nice to be invited. 

One school is better then the other where I teach. Seminars were held on grading students, on teaching skills and publishing in law reviews. Those seminars were all very helpful and should be held more often. It would also be nice to formally meet once in a while with the faculty that teach in your discipline and find out what topics are covered to avoid overlap. 


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I've been an adjunct now since Spring '07. My labor arbitration seminar is offered one night each week during the spring semester only. In 2006, after my hire, all the adjuncts got an orientation, some tech training, and some sense from the school that we exist and contribute. Since then, it's been like walking through a ghost town. We all expect the bad pay, but there is little to no feedback or inclusion on anything ( and I'm also an alum). Unlike Mitch's experience, there has been no attempt to address issues such as teaching skills, grading or publishing. The only feedback is the numerical student evaluation, and the school does not explain what it means compared to other faculty or whether it thinks any change or improvemenent is necessary. So, in addition to the things Mitch would like to see, all of which I agree with, just letting the adjuncts know that the school is aware of and values their work would be nice.

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