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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Airport Security Personnel Are Expected To Form Union

Steven Greenhouse, Labor Reporter, for the New York Times wrote an interesting article on the unionization of airport security screeners on April 15, 2011, here. The major point of the article is that even though public sector workers are under attack, these workers are likely to vote in favor of unionzation. As the article states:

By next Tuesday, the screeners, employees of the Transportation Security Administration, are to finish casting their votes on whether to unionize. Almost everyone agrees that they will choose to do so.

That may seem surprising when so many public employee unions are being forced into wage freezes and paying more toward health coverage and pensions, and when they have become the target of widespread public criticism. Many Republican leaders say public employees should not be allowed to bargain collectively, asserting that it pushes up costs for taxpayers and impedes management’s flexibility. What is more, they warn, letting airport screeners unionize could jeopardize national security if strikes and work slowdowns crippled airports and resulted in inadequate security checks.

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If airport security do form a union and they go on strike, the airport will have to get contract security providers in, which will cause delays to the airport flow. This is an outrageous proposition!

Posted by: Construction Security | May 6, 2011 7:10:00 AM

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