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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Autism and the Law Cases, Statutes, and Materials


Carolina Academic Press just came out with the first law school case book on Autism and the LawCases, Statutes, and Materials (2011). The authors, two lawyers, Lorri and Daniel Unumb, freely acknowledge that Autism and the Law is only taught in one class in one law school (interestingly, they do not name the law school) and their hope is that this will change given how wide spread a problme Autism has become. They are probably correct. 

As you might expect, the book contains a detailed medical review of autism and the history of this diagnosis. Part One of the book focuses on health insurance, part two focuses on Medicaid issues, part 3 examines special education issues, and part 4 concludes with an examination of "other" issues such as those that arise under the ADA and mandatory vaccine issues. 

The authors are definitely on to something here and I suspect that the book, which is clearly well written, will take off. 

However, I am a bit curious as to why the authors chose to write the first law school book on this topic as a case book. I would have thought that a hornbook might have been a better first choice because such a text would also appeal to the larger legal community. 

In any event, nice job-very nice job.

Mitchell H. Rubinstein

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Thanks for your review and kind comments, Mitchell.
The law school is George Washington University, BTW. I used to be full-time at GW but teach now as an adjunct professor.
Lorri Unumb

Posted by: Lorri Unumb | Apr 5, 2011 1:45:28 PM

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