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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lawyer Reprimanded For Plagiarism

In re: Cannon is an interesting case from the Supreme Court of Iowa. In a brief a lawyer admitted to plagiarism. Specifically, he copied 17 pages from an article without proper attribution. What is significant about this case is that it confirms that lawyers can face discipline for plagiarism.

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We value that the point "plagiarism" is something of a scarlet missive that imposes a brand on a nationwide show of behaviors. We do not judge our moral rules were organized to appoint the regime to spiel a "gotcha" fearless with lawyers who but fail to use decent citation methods. This frame, yet, does not ask a mere occurrence of fewer than perfect acknowledgment, but rather wholesale copying of xvii pages of real. Such massive, nearly exact copying of a published authorship without categorization in the water short, in our canvas, does total to a misrepresentation that violates our moral rules. We remark that before this authorities, Shot has candidly admitted that his activeness.

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