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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Review of Sprint HTC EVO™ 4G

I just purchased the Sprint HTC EVO™ 4G smartphone two days ago and I thought it would be helpful to tell my readers why I think they should seriously consider purchasing one. 

This is actually my fourth smart phone (Handspring Communicator, Treo 700, Blackberry Bold 9000) and it is by far the best. I actually loved my BB. So why do I recommend switching? First, the phone is 4G. Even if 4G is not in your area, it probably will be coming soon and even if it is not, the phone is still a compelling choice because: second, it can be used as a WiFi Hot Spot for up to 8 devices. Yeah, I know about PDA Net and Tether for Blackberry, but this is much faster because WiFi is faster than Bluetooth which is the only way either PDA Net or Tether work if you want to go wireless. The Sprint Wi Fi (and I only have 3G in my area) is also faster than the wired PDA Net or Tether (I used both). Third, the Android operating system intergrates into Google. Thus, all of your Contacts in Gmail and all of your Calendar remain in sync at all times. You do not have to do anything. Thus, you can view your calendar on your desk top and you also have an automatic back up of your important data. Don't worry you can also use this phone with just about any other email application and I also check my yahoo mail account with it. Fourth, you can download the fastest browser (skyfire) which is unavailable on BB. There is no comparison with the speed of the Evo to the BB. It has to be about triple (and that's without 4g). Fifth, there is an 8 mega pix  camera and a second, 1.3 front facing camera. camera. Sixth, there are 35, 000 Android apps you can download and thousands are for free. Sixth, and this is big, you can edit google docs in your web browser in real time and save it to the SD card. Seventh, it comes with Sprint Navigation and Sprint TV for free. Sprint Navigation operates like a Garmin with turn by turn directions. Eight, the screen is unbelievable. Finally, Sprint's monthly charges are less than both Verizon and AT & T. This phone is only available with Sprint as the carrier.  

The touch screen takes a bit getting use to. Frankly, I much prefer the BB keyboard, but the other advantages outweigh the lack of a keyboard. If you like the Apple i-phone, you will love this phone. No Android phones come with a Word Processor. This phone comes with Quick Office which allows you to view MS Word documents, but not edit them. To edit documents you have to purchase the full version for $15. Documents to Go does the same thing, but I think that costs about $30.  

I would recommend purchasing it from either Best Buy or Radio Shack for $199. Sprint Stores sell the phone for $299 with a $100 mail in rebate. The phone is very popular at this price point. It is selling so well (the stores regularly sell out and I had to wait 2 weeks for mine), that I would buy it now before the price is raised. 

If any are you in the market for a Smartphone, in my book there is no other choice. 

Mitchell H. Rubinstein

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