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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soon To Be Justice Kagan Was Not A Straight A Student

A B Minus? The Sock! The Horror is an interesting May 24, 2010 New York Times article. It recounts how soon to be Justice Kagan was not a straight A student. She even got a B minus in her first year. Then again, she was not attending just any law school. She was attending Harvard. Whatever you think of the education, the fact of the matter is that Harvard opens up doors that others cannot walk into-such as clerkship on the Supreme Court. Kagan, was a law clerk to Justice Marshall.

In any event, this article is worth a read.

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It is interesting that ALL of the "Law Prof Blogs" allow for comments -- EXCEPT for the Immigration Prof Blog. They used to, but too many of the comments illustrated why the professors running it are wrong in their analysis. It showed that the public is overwhelmingly opposed to the Immigration Prof's anarchist agenda.

Thanks for maintaining comments here. Tell Bill Hing and Kevin Johnson to not silence our voices. It really is a pathetic and weak move on their part.

Posted by: Johan | May 26, 2010 10:48:05 AM

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