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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elementary student in Arkansas vows to refuse to recite Pledge until gays and lesbians attain equal rights

An elementary school student told CNN during an interview that America isn't following the meaning or spirit behind the Pledge of Allegiance, and had decided he won't say the Pledge until gays and lesbians are given the same rights as everyone else. According to Will Phillips, the last line in the Pledge says 'with liberty and justice for all.' But Will says that line is not being applied to people in the gay and lesbian community because they do not enjoy the same rights or liberties as people who are not gay. Will says he has endured taunting and name-calling from fellow students, but he's determined to stand by his First Amendment right to free speech.

Source: KSLA 12 News, 11/17/09, By CNN

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