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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Solis Pushes Agenda to Bolster Labor is an interesting Dec. 8, 2009 Wall Street Journal article which quotes my college buddy Deputy Secretary of Labor Seth Harris. It is about how the U.S. Department of Labor plans to enact new rules which will give more power to both organized labor and workers. As the article states:

Ms. Solis's agenda will promote rules requiring employers to increase disclosure to workers on how their pay is computed, strengthening affirmative action requirements for federal contractors, and compelling greater disclosure from employers about their dealings with consultants who advise the companies on how to deal with workplace unions or unionization attempts.

Currently employers and consultants are not required to report "advice" they get from consultants, but the Labor Department said in a statement that this filing exception should be narrowed so employees will have a more transparent view into what employers are doing in response to union matters.

The agency "is going to explore that exception and try to more accurately define what advice means," Deputy Labor Secretary Seth Harris said in an interview. More broadly, "Our goal is that through greater openness and transparency, we increase compliance without having to send an investigator into the workplace."

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