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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yale Launches 3 Year JD/MBA

Yale Launches 3 year JD-MBA is an interesting March 6, 2009 article from the National Law Journal. This is in addition to its existing four year program. The article is a bit short and does not provide much details. The program is described as follows:

The new accelerated and integrated J.D. and MBA program is geared to students with an interest in business law, but will also prepare students for careers involving management and other business fields.

The coursework will be spread over six semesters, and participants will graduate at the same time as their entering J.D. class. They will also graduate from the management school. Like their classmates in the regular J.D. program, those in the integrated and accelerated program will have two free summers in which they can work in the law or business fields. Students in the new program will spend their first and third years at the law school, and the second at the management school. Students must apply for the program during their first year at the law school.

I am against shortening educational programs. Law school is short enough. It takes time to learn how to argue and how to read a case. That is why I am against clinical programs as well. I realize I am in the minority hear, but my view is that law school and b school exist to teach you the tools to be successful. Of course, the problem is that at least with law school, too often the faculty do not have those tools. That however, is another story.

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I'm doing the 4-year JD/MBA with NYLS and Baruch. The program would be 5 years separately. The secret that you don't know is, you gotta take classes during the summer! Regardless, the value of the degrees is not only what you learn in the classroom, but your personal growth during the program. I'm not sure I agree with such a short program.

Posted by: Sachin | Apr 1, 2009 12:33:51 PM

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