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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blackberry As A Security Risk! Sorry I Don't Bye It

Risky For All Executives is an interesting Jan. 5, 2009 National Law Journal article about the so called security risks posed by Blackberrys.The article notes that Blackberrys can be lost or stolen and provides:

The risk from BlackBerrys is exacerbated because messages can be configured by users so that they are transmitted and archived through corporate servers; transmitted with limited archiving, if any, through a carrier; or transmitted via peer-to-peer technology and not saved anywhere outside of the sending and receiving devices. Once the users choose to delete these messages, they are gone forever. A smart computer usage policy may require the devices to be configured so that the second and third options are not available to users.
Policies should also regulate the purging of any mobile device messages stored or processed on corporate servers. Although there is a duty to preserve business records, it is limited by laws, policies and litigation requirements. Routine destruction of electronic records is cost-effective and also helps organizations avoid needlessly broad and expensive discovery requests during litigation.

As you can see, this article advocates computer usage policies which probably a wise thing for corporations, law firms, unions and everyone to do. However, laptops can get stolen and hacked. Brief cases get lost and dare I say the risk of misplacing paper is greater than the risk of misplacing your Blackberry.

Its time for us to embrace technology. President Elect Obama says he cannot live without his Blackberry. He certainly has made good use out of it.

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