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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Women Bloggers

Where Are All the Female Law Bloggers? is an interesting Oct. 6, 2008 article which quotes this network's co-founder Joe Hodnicki. Joe (who also runs Law Librarian Blog) is quoted as saying about 30% of the law bloggers are female which is about the number of woman who blog on this network. Its abit unclear whether the 30% figure relates to just law professor bloggers or law bloggers in general.

The article postulates some possible reasons for this. They are:

Theory #1: Women law bloggers are out there, you just don't see them.

Theory #2: Women don't have the same time to blog as men.

Theory #3: Women are more prone to professional or personal attack, so they avoid blogging.

My theory is that there is no reason at all for this. That is just the way it is for now and it may change. I refuse to accept that because woman are 50% of the population, they have to be 50% of the bloggers or for example, because blacks are 12% of the population, they should be 12% of the bloggers.

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Haven't seen the article yet Mitch, but in the interview I was referring to the demographics of the Law Professor Blogs Network. About 30 percent of the 100 or so law professors who serve as editors for our blogs are female law professors, more if we were to add contributing editors. AALS demographics show something like 34% of all law profs are women. No selection bias in our Network editor population in the sense that law professors come to us with proposals to launch a blog; we do not recruit editors. So yes, female law prof bloggers are out there and our Network's demographics are representative of the law prof population.

Posted by: Joe Hodnicki | Oct 5, 2008 5:52:28 AM

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