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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Michigan Does Away With LSAT In Some Admissions

No LSAT Allowed in Michigan Law School’s Special Admissions Program is an interesting September 25, 2008, ABA Journal Blog article. Michigan, one of our nations top law schools is going to do away with the LSAT in its special admissions program which is for applicants from U. of Michigan undergrad program with GPA's of 3.8. Money Law  and Leiter's Law School Reports suggested that Michigan may be gaming U.S. News rankings. How? By increasing the GPA of the incoming class.

If this is some type of effort to game the rankings, I agree with Professor Leiter that one of our nations most respected schools hit a new low. Of all schools, why would Michigan do this? I hope that they have a legitimate explanation because frankly the burden is on them to explain why this is not what it appears to be. Professor Leiter gave the Dean the opportunity to explain his reasoning. I eagerly await his response.

Mitchell H. Rubinstein

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