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Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Ever Strike By Bloggers

The AFL-CIO Blog reported on March 8, 2008 about the first ever blogger labor strike.  The bloggers are writers at The Honolulu Advertiser and members of The Newspaper Guild-CWA Local 39117. There strike has purportedly been successful. As the article states:

In what may be the first-ever blog strike, writers at The Honolulu Advertiser, members of The Newspaper Guild-CWA Local 39117, got management to return to the bargaining table by refusing to post online blogs, including the blogs on an especially popular sports site. Many of the writers left messages for readers explaining their absence from blog duty, which is voluntary. Reporters, photographers and artists withheld bylines and credit lines from the newspaper’s print edition.

The strike worked. Coupled with an overwhelming strike vote by the six unions at the paper, the byline/blog strike pushed management to back down from its “last and final” contract offer and agree to new talks, which began last Thursday.

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