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Monday, February 25, 2008

Are On-line Law Review Supplements Valuable??

Professor Scott Dobson wrote an interesting Feb. 25, 2008 posting on PrawfsBlawg entitled  Online Journal Supplements -- Fizz or Fizzle? where he questions the value of online law review supplements, such as Yale Law Reviews Pocket Part. Turning to his own experiences, he concludes:

  In both cases, I thought the medium provided a wonderful opportunity to reach academics, practitioners, and judges, and thereby to enhance the relevance of the academy to those actually in the trenches.  But that could party be because of the particular topics I picked.

The beauty of these online journals is not that they are online. Rather, there benefits are two fold. First, and most important, they are generally published much sooner than the standard law review. Second, they are generally shorter. Nowadays with most of legal research down online, it seems to me that Yale Pocket Part is just as likely to been seen as Yale Law Review by researchers-though the law review has a much better name.

Clearly, these online journals are incorporating some of the magic that we bloggers try to offer. They provide their readers with timely commentary and are welcome. It would be interesting, however, to see how faculty tenure and appointment committees view these types of articles.

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