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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Annual Adjunct Meeting

Our school will soon hold our annual adjunct faculty meeting.  The feature of this meeting will be adjunct faculty use of Westlaw/TWEN or Lexis/Blackboard course homepages.  I have demonstrated my own use of these to adjuncts in past years.  This has only resulted in a marginal increase in adjunct faculty usage.  This year I have asked two adjuncts to demonstrate.    Each is quite proficient and effective in using these wonderful tools. 

On the whole, however, our adjuncts are lagging way behind our full-time faculty in using class websites.  It may be that many have done some sort of informal  cost/benefit analysis and decided that it is not worth it.  But I suspect they haven't really considered it.    Maybe lack of time.  Maybe insufficient communication and support.  Maybe inertia.

This leads me to asking how readers--how many of you use a class webpage such as TWEN, Blackboard, WebCT or whatever platform is available at your school?  Have you been encouraged to do so by your school?  Experiences (favorable and unfavorable)?


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I have used TWEN and Lexis at St. John's and NY Law School. Both schools made staff available to teach me how to use these wonderful tools. Profs are missing out if they do not take advantage of this.
Mitchell H. Rubinstein

Posted by: Mitchell Rubinstein | Feb 26, 2008 9:47:54 AM

I'm interested to see whether an adjunct's demonstration will be more effective than mine. Any other advice out there on how to get more adjuncts to use these tools?


Posted by: EAL | Feb 26, 2008 10:42:33 AM

It is not who demonstrates, but what is demonstrated. I think members of the FT faculty should explain how TWEN saves time (group emails, posting of cases, easy changes to syllabus, change in class times or meetings, less photocopying etc.)and furthers the class.
Mitch Rubinstein

Posted by: Mitchell Rubinstein | Feb 26, 2008 11:46:35 AM

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