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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Trials of Law School DVD

Trialsoflawschool_4 I just finished watching the 87 minute brand new DVD film (released December 3, 2007) entitled "The Trials of Law School." Every law student would enjoy this film. However, this film is particularly important for aspiring law students to watch. Additionally, it is a film that law student significant others and parents may find useful in order to understand what the first year law student is going through

The entire film is a realistic documentary that captures the first year law school experience. This DVD follows eight law students through their first year and contains commentary from 25 different scholars, mostly law school professors, from around the country.

The film takes place at the University of Oklahoma School of Law, but it could have been any law school in this country. I was struck by how similar the University of Oklahoma is to other laws that I have attended and have taught at.

The film captures the pressure of the first year, the stress over being called upon and the amount of study required. Most importantly, the film carriers a message. The message is that it is important to remember who you are and to maintain a life outside of law school. The film spends alot of time explaining the importance of family and in having some fun.

The filmmaker is Porter Health Morgan who, not surprisingly, received a J.D. from The University of Oklahoma College of Law in 2004. He currently practices in Oklahoma, and is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association. I suspect, but do not know, that many of the students interviewed were friends of the film maker.

The DVD as well as additional information is here. The film is professionally done and cost $24.95. My only criticism is that price level is a bit high for student budgets. Having said that, the film is well worth the $24.95. It should certainly be required viewing by all prospective law students.

Mitchell H. Rubinstein

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