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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Lawyers and Law Professors Behind The Presidential Candidates

Who Are the Lawyers Behind the Presidential Bids? is an interesting November 26, 2007 ABA Journal Blog by Molly McDonough about the law professors and lawyers supporting the major Presidential candidates. This is obviously more important in this post-Bush v. Gore era.   The article provides the following list of supporters:

Rudy Giuliani:

  • -- Ted Olson, former solicitor general
  • -- Miguel Estrada, former assistant SG and failed appeals court nominee
  • -- Steven Calabresi, one of the Federalist Society founders
  • -- Larry Thompson, former deputy attorney general
  • -- Maureen Mahoney, former deputy SG
  • -- Ron Rotunda of George Mason University
  • -- Walter Olson of the Manhattan Institute
  • Fred Thompson:
  • -- Eugene Volokh, of Volokh Conspiracy fame and a prof at UCLA
  • -- Jonathan Adler of Case Western Reserve University
  • -- Orin Kerr of George Washington University
  • -- Todd Zywicki of George Mason University
  • -- Victoria Toensing, former counsel to Barry Goldwater

Mitt Romney:

  • -- Doug Kmiec, of Pepperdine University
  • -- Mary Ann Glendon, of Harvard University
  • -- Bradford Berenson, former associate White House counsel for President Bush
  • -- Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice
  • -- James Bopp Jr., general counsel for the James Madison Center for Free Speech

John Edwards:

  • -- Julius Chambers, former director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund
  • -- Elizabeth Warren of Harvard University
  • -- Scott Harshbarger, former Massachusetts AG
  • -- Peggy McGuinness of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law
  • -- Allen Weiner of Stanford University Law School

Barack Obama:

  • -- Cass Sunstein of the University of Chicago
  • -- Laurence Tribe of Harvard University
  • -- Eric Holder former deputy AG in the Clinton administration
  • -- Geoffrey Stone of the University of Chicago
  • -- Christopher Edley of the University of California, Berkeley
  • -- Gary Feinerman, former Illinois solicitor general
  • -- Judith Gold of Perkins Coie

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