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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Choosing A Law School

The Oct. 30, 2007 Wall Street Law Journal Blog has another excellent article by AMIR EFRATI entitled "How to Cut Debt, Boost Job Prospects From Law School" His basic points are if your not in a top law school it will be difficult to land a high paying job and one should consider going to a state law school instead. He also mentions that students from lower ranked schools should consider transferring to higher ranked schools and that students should check out the placement office before they actually decide on a particular school.

All of this is good advice, but Amir left out something very important. Students need to visit the schools and kick the tires. Sit in a class if possible. Go to lunch and to the library. Speak with students on your own. You will find that most are happy to talk with you. You may even consider dropping in on a professor who teaches in a field of law that interests you.

Placement stats are important, but they are not everything. There are human factors such as cost, location and the ability to work part time.

The reality is that in most, if not all, fully ABA accredited law schools a student can get a legal education. Placement stats, location and reputation is what distinguishes the schools. I would put my students from St. John's and New York Law School up against a student at Harvard any day of the week. That student from Harvard may have better job opportunities, but that does not make him a better lawyer.

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Couldn't agree more. I got into Harvard, NYU and Columbia Law. I hated every square inch of Boston (I'm also a Yankee fan) and all the students at Columbia talked about was how much money they were going to make. At NYU the then-Dean (John Sexton) shoved a five-dollar bill into a student's hand and said "here, take him out for a bagel and cofeee and show him why this is a community."
I chose NYU (figuring the earning potential of all 3 being the same). Your mileage may vary.

Posted by: I.F. Stoner | Nov 1, 2007 10:13:59 AM

It has been my experience that a law degree is what you make of it. Law School is a means to an end. If you desire to be in law school simply for the sake of education perhaps a professorship is the path you will take. For everyone else law school is an enigma until you actually attend. I know I had that experience. My fellow law school graduates and I started a website from our experiences to try to help others in choosing a law school. Check it out if you like,

Posted by: Roscoe | Mar 4, 2009 1:02:58 AM

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