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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Concurring Opinions Law Professor Blogger Census Leaves Us (Me) Out!

Concurring Opinions just posted an excellent survey of law professor blogging which is worth a look.

Unfortunately, however, they left me, the Editor of this blog, out. They included one of our associate editors, Eric A. Lustig, but did not the other, Associate Dean Gail Levin Richmond. Therefore, I do not know how accurate their data is.

Update: Concurring Opinions has sent me an email to state that their survey only included FT profs. It seems to me that by excluding adjuncts, (to my knowledge I am the only adjunct in the country that runs a blog designed mainly for law professors), the data is incomplete. In any event, at least Concurring Opinions timely responded.

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I'd raise these issues as comments on the blog post itself - on previous versions, there have always been missing folks and extra folks in early drafts of the census, which get corrected over time. The census is a huge project, and there are bound to be some errors along the way.

Posted by: dave hoffman | Jul 31, 2007 11:10:35 AM


Unfortunately, my policy is to only list full-time faculty members. At GW, we have hundreds of adjunct professors; likewise at Georgetown and many other schools. Adjuncts change from semester to semester, so tracking them all down is too much for me to do.


Posted by: Daniel J. Solove | Jul 31, 2007 11:49:12 AM

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