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Monday, December 18, 2017

Congratulations to ASP and Bar Colleagues

Hearty congratulations to all of our ASP and bar prep colleagues for another semester of caring about and helping students! You are often the unsung heroes at your law schools. But those of us who share the commitment to students recognize your hard work. We appreciate the ideas you pass on to the rest of us regularly. We know you are an ever-present network of support behind each of us as ASP and bar prep professionals.

It has been a very busy fall semester. We congratulate you on the many hours you listened to, encouraged, prodded, and supported students. We all have memories of students' successes and stumbles and their laughter and tears from this semester. As grades come in, we will be cheering with some and consoling others. As graduates gear up to take - or retake - the February bar, we will be alongside them.

You may be tired right now. You may be dealing with staff shortages or budget cuts. You may be adding more duties to your already overloaded job description. You may even be a bit discouraged.

Now is the point in the semester to take some time to sit quietly and reflect on your many accomplishments. Remember the times when you made students' journeys more bearable because of encouraging them to persevere, believing in them, and providing strategies to assist in their success. Cast your eye down the lists of names for December graduates and fall bar passers and realize how many of their lives you touched for the better. Reread the thank you emails and notes you received over recent semesters.

Well done, colleagues. You matter. You make a difference every single day.

Relax and rest during the days you have off in coming weeks - whether a short holiday break or a full semester break. Recharge your batteries. Your students and graduates will once again need your expertise when the new semester begins. (Amy Jarmon)

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