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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lots of Top 10 Awards from the Summer

Our Contributing Editors were recognized by Texas Bar Today for a number of Top 10 Awards this summer. You may have missed these posts while you were on vacation, so I want to list them here so you can read any that you did not see. Take a few minutes to catch up on some excellent posts from the editorial staff:

Goldie Pritchard received Top 10 recognition for the following posts: 

A Game Plan: Last Minute Bar Preparation (7/12/17)

Survivor Advice: Words from Successful Bar Takers  (7/19/17)

We Made the Right Decision (8/23/17)

What the “Support” in Academic Support Program Could Stand For (8/30/17)

Scott Johns received Top 10 recognition for the following posts:

Turning Bad News Into Great Opportunities: Helping Repeaters Become “Fresh Start” Bar Passers

Winning Bar Exam Answers: Writing for Points or Writing to Impress?

O.J. Salinas received Top 10 recognition for the following post:

Being Different Doesn’t Mean Being Irrelevant


Congratulations to our Contributing Editors for their recognition from Texas Bar Today! (Amy Jarmon)


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