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Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy Labor Day Weekend

We have just finished our second week of classes and are closed Monday for Labor Day. What a relief that it is a long weekend!

Our 1L students are looking a bit shell-shocked after Orientation Week (which included four days of Torts classes) and two weeks of regular classes. Although some professors go slowly the first class week, most of them have picked up the pace  this week. One Torts section has a quiz next week. Legal Practice has begun some assignments as well. For 2L and 3L students, most professors have jumped into the material pretty quickly. Upper-division students are definitely into the semester with a bang.

Every 1L student I have talked with this week is grateful for the longer weekend to pull things together and start outlines and prepare for assignments. Many 2L and 3L students have made similar remarks though they are a bit more laid back; more of them are talking about balancing study with down time during the weekend. (Our Houston and coastal Texas/Louisiana students are a special group. Some know their families and friends are safe and are staying here. Some will try to get home. Others cannot get home easily yet.)

As an ASP'er, my last three weeks have gone very quickly. With orientation presentations, workshops, student appointments, meetings, faculty retreat, and various events, I have barely had time to draw a breath. My to-do-list is still much longer than I would like despite early morning and evening overtime. I am sure my colleagues at other schools feel the same way.

So to one and all, whether students or ASP'ers, have a blessed Labor Day Weekend! Get some rest from your labors mixed in with any laboring you will do. (Amy Jarmon)

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