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Friday, August 8, 2014

A Final Farewell to Summer

Next week is orientation week (really less than a week) at our law school.  This week I have been grading legal memoranda for our intensive co-taught course that ended on August 1st. Is it really time to start another academic year!  Where did the time go?

On May 1st the summer seemed to stretch out before me in a luxorious shimmer . . . . 

But then I had to grade exams and 30-page advanced writing papers for my spring European Law course. 

Then it was off to Indy for an awesome AASE conference (well, after a day-long delay for bad weather in Houston). 

I turned around long enough to do laundry and flew out East to help my elderly father and attend a family reunion. 

A couple more days for finalizing projects at work, laundry, and paying bills before flying to the UK for research for my two comparative law courses and lecturing at a week-long CLE seminar. 

I flew into Houston on July 4th (welcomed with an overnight stay courtesy of United Airlines because of flight delays and more bad weather).  Up early to fly into Lubbock for a few hours in my office before the evening's welcome dinner for our Summer Entry Program Introduction to Legal Studies students.

Four weeks teaching in SEP filled up July (great group of students who worked really hard).

And that brings me to grading this week and Orientation next week.  I plan to fit in some recharging of my batteries this weekend as my grading winds down into next week.

It will be nice to see fresh, new faces with the arrival of our 1L students.  Equally enjoyable will be greeting the 2L and 3L students as they trickle back for the start of classes on August 18th.

Farewell Summer.  Hello 2014-2015 Academic Year.  Hope your summer, whether hectic or relaxed, was a good one! (Amy Jarmon)

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