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Friday, February 28, 2014

Three Cheers for Bar Completion

Congratulations to all law schools' graduates who have completed a state bar exam this week!  Yesterday we had faculty and staff gather outside the law school and cheer the bar studiers as they exited the building.  Some stopped for cookies and chats before heading home for a well-deserved break.

I am sure that many of us can vividly recall our bar exam experiences.  I took the Virginia bar exam in Roanoke at the Civic Center in July.  In Virginia one had to wear court attire (last time I checked, they still do) so that the moment it was over the fellows were ripping off their neckties, everyone shed suit jackets, and the gals were changing into comfortable shoes. 

Since my folks lived two hours away from the test site instead of my own six hours back to where my home and law school were, I drove straight to their house.  I think I was semi-shell-shocked the whole way.  It was over!  I was worn out, already thinking about the long wait for results, and praying that I would not have to take it again.

After my mother's delicious home-cooked meal, I crashed into bed and slept until well past noon the next day.  When I returned home a few days later, lots of bar studiers were still in town.  Everyone had a bar exam tale to tell.  

Virginia issued results late that year.  Rumors were rampant about how many had failed and why there was a delay.  When results finally came out, I felt like a millstone had dropped from my neck and was SOOOO relieved to pass.  Even after we had all been practicing for several years, others told me that they still shuddered whenever they drove the interstate across Virginia and the Roanoke Civic Center came into view from the highway.  Most passers vowed to never move from Virginia so that the experience would never have to be repeated!

So congratulations on your hard work.  Celebrate your perseverence.  Get some rest! (Amy Jarmon)

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